The Four Pillars of Wealth


I. Managing the Dollar


i. To look for ways to provide above average returns with below average risk

ii. To minimize fees and eliminate as much tax as possible

iii. To create the most effective Retirement Income Distribution model for your situation


i. In depth analysis of stocks and bonds with access to HollisWealth Private Client Research

Money Management:

i. Stock and Bond Portfolios

ii. Mutual and Segregated Funds

iii. Discretionary Private Money Management

iv. Access to New Stock Issues (IPO’s)

v. Discretionary Private Money Management thru the HollisWealth Vintage Program

Retirement Distribution Strategies:

i. Individual executive pensions, annuities, lifetime tax exempt plans

II. Managing the Tax


i. To grow your business or personal assets with the least amount of tax

ii. To sell your business in the most tax effective manner


i. Identify major tax issues that you are not aware of ii. Identify key areas where major tax savings could be achieved

Our Accountants: 


i. To simplify and organize your financial data

ii. To streamline and coordinate these types of details with other members of our team


i. Prepare key financial statements

ii. Prepare income tax returns

iii. GST/payroll


III. Managing the Risk 

Our Insurance Specialists:


i. To broker the market to achieve the best rates

ii. To design the optimal coverage

iii. To advise on buy/sell agreements, ensuring you have proper coverage

iv. To advise on tax shelter aspects of universal life policies

We cover all aspects of insurance, including:

i. Living benefits: critical illness coverage

ii. Mortgage and life protection: estate coverage

iii. Disability and business interruption coverage

iv. Corporate employee benefit plans



IV. Managing the Debt

Our Mortgage* Specialists:


i. To streamline and coordinate lending activities. We do the legwork, so you don’t have to.

ii. To reduce mortgage costs by brokering for best rates

iii. To offer advice on the best type of mortgage

iv. To restructure debt to lower the cost

v. Equity takeouts to invest in your business

vi. To fund commercial projects


Our Banking Facilities:

i. Lines of credit

ii. RRSP loans

iii. Investment loans

   * Mortgages by referral