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Our Approach

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Our Elevate FORMula
The secret to your success – and ours.

At Luft Financial, we believe in looking forward, not back. That’s why our strategy sessions, directed by our four-pillar Elevate FORMula™, are so important. These comprehensive one-to-one discussions aim to uncover what’s truly important to you – in terms of Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money – and gain a deeper understanding of what you’re trying to achieve now and over the long term.

Why work with Luft Financial?

We believe in growing your wealth slowly, using tried and trusted techniques and a value-based approach, investing in what we understand, diversifying and reducing volatility to preserve capital, providing regular cash flows and keep up with inflation or grow your portfolio, depending on your needs.

Employing an active approach means we constantly monitor your holdings and make changes as required to maintain a diversified portfolio of high quality securities, exchange traded funds and other investment products.

We’re ready to elevate your wealth.

So let’s get started