Portfolio Manager Program

Robert Luft, CFP ®, CIM  Portfolio Manager

Director, Private Client Group

HollisWealth – Scotia Capital Inc.                                                                                                  January 6, 2014

Discover the Benefits of Having your Wealth Managed to a Higher Standard

Your investments are an important element in helping you lead the lifestyle you want for today while providing the means for achieving your future goals. To succeed on both fronts requires a carefully constructed portfolio of investments that are built and managed through a disciplined process.

The HollisWealth Portfolio Manager Program offers a dynamic investment solution for select investors. With this Program, your portfolio is managed on a discretionary basis by an accredited investment professional. This approach not only instills an investment discipline in your portfolio but it gives you peace of mind knowing that your investments are being managed by an advisor who has the skills, training and track record to successfully grow and preserve your wealth.

Specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of investors with sophisticated wealth management needs, this program may be right for you if you’d benefit from:

  • a proven investment approach that’s tailored for portfolios of $100k or more
  • having more time to focus on personal priorities other than investing
  • delegating the day-to-day trading decisions to a professional
  • having more control over your taxable income

When you enroll in the program, your Portfolio Manager can take advantage of market opportunities and a broader range of investment options. The result: You benefit from an investment approach that’s flexible, strategic and goes beyond the benchmark of day-to-day investment decisions. It’s an approach that elevates how your portfolio is managed.

Key Benefits of the Program

  • Superior portfolio management

Invest with confidence knowing only highly trained Portfolio Managers with advanced credentials and exemplary track records are able to offer this kind of account – less than 2.5% of all advisors in Canada are qualified discretionary account managers.

  • Peace of mind

Beginning with a process that puts your needs and goals first, your Portfolio Manager follows a strict investment discipline and process which not only removes the emotion from investing but leads to customized solutions.

  • Freedom and convenience

Portfolios which are managed on a discretionary basis allow you to assign investment decisions to an accredited professional, thereby giving you more time to focus on what’s important to you.

  • Active investment management

By delegating the day-to-day investment management decisions to your Portfolio Manager, they are able to quickly respond to unexpected market movements and execute timely trading strategies. This flexibility also allows them to better protect your assets in difficult markets while taking advantage of unforeseen opportunities.

  • Flexible investment options  

Your Portfolio Manager has access to a broad range of investment choices from individual bonds, stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded and closed-ended funds to alternative investments. This range of options gives your Portfolio Manager the ability to choose the best strategies – and investments – that can evolve to meet your needs.

  • Strategic tax planning opportunities

With direct stock ownership, you have the ability to realize gains and harvest loses depending on your individual tax situation. This provides you with potential tax advantages over a mutual fund which you have no control over when capital gains or losses are realized.

Benefit from tax-deductible fees for non-registered accounts and hard-to-duplicate investment, tax and estate strategies – which together optimize pre-retirement asset accumulation and post-retirement income.

  • Value based pricing

The quarterly fee for this program includes advice, trading, asset management and monitoring.  This fee is based on assets rather than transaction volume and may also be deductible for non-registered accounts.

A Clear Strategy to Reach your Goals

To reach your financial goals you need a clear strategy based on the objective advice of someone you trust. The true benefit of a partnership is having an experienced Portfolio Manager who takes the time to understand your entire financial situation – and then constructs a portfolio that helps you meet your goals.

If you would like to optimize your investment portfolio and experience the higher standard of wealth management that defines the Portfolio Manager Program, call me today.