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Why Luft Financial?

Advisors face a myriad of challenges that create barriers to growth and effective client management. We help you manage those challenges that today’s financial advisors run into, and we can help you grow your practice and navigate the roadblocks and work toward growing your practice. We have created a system that leverages four key areas that are critical to your business: Systems, & Processes, Portfolio Management, Prestige Support & Practice Management. Our platform is based on creating economies of scale, synergies, and more importantly a ‘Hub’ that advisors can plug into and grow their business.

We support your practice so you can focus on your clients!

Systems & Processes

  • We have documented every aspect of the business to help you leverage ‘best practices’ from regulatory compliance, hiring & talent acquisition, leveraging technology, and portfolio management strategies…we have you covered.
  • As an advisor in growth mode, managing the business might feel like an uphill battle.  If operations, compliance, time and money are not on your side, the more affordable (and considerably more practical) approach is to look into joining a firm.
  • The support system, book of business and resources at your disposal will make for an easier transition than fighting to keep your business above water.

Portfolio Management

  • We provide a portfolio management team that is there to support you
  • Access to our model portfolios
  • Build your own models for your clients

Prestige Support

We have access to resources that help us help you:

  • A dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Front-of-the-line service from key areas across the firm, such as Operations & Compliance
  • In-depth support from Practice Management and Sales to develop business-building strategies
  • An annual business development allowance
  • Preferred access to marketing, branding and communications teams
  • Systems training and support for new team members
  • Access to business analytics through PriceMetrix marketing support

Practice Management

  • We have a dedicated team that helps you leverage and maximize the effectiveness of your practice.
  • Our team can assist you to hire team members, coach & develop your team members.
  • We help you leverage systems & processes to become more efficient and provide you with a sounding board from our advisors on how to grow your business.

We would love to talk to you about your business and if we are a ‘fit’ for you.

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