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News & Commentary

Get fresh perspectives on the latest investment and financial news and trends from the Luft Financial team, as well as from leading experts in Canada and around the world.

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MACROSCOPE: Market prognosis and experts’ prognostications for 2019

Investors will doubtless be glad to see the back of 2018, a year when nothing seemed to work – stocks, bonds, commodities, preferred shares. Almost every asset class finished in the red for the year, in sharp contrast to 2017, when most investments generated sizeable returns amid record-low volatility. Click here to read our latest market […]

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Consider adding an accidental fracture rider to your critical illness insurance policy

Insure yourself to the “Bones”

If you break a leg, you may or may not be covered under a disability insurance plan. Did you know that there are some critical illness insurance plans where you can add an accidental fracture rider to your policy.

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Macroscope: Why losing less means gaining more over the long term

Upside /downside capture ratios indicates by how much a portfolio or fund has outperformed its benchmark during periods of market strength and weakness respectively. An upside capture ratio of over 100 indicates that the fund generally outperformed the benchmark during positive market periods, while a downside capture ratio of less than 100 indicates that the […]

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