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MACROSCOPE No. 32: Disconnect between markets and the economy

A rising chorus of influential voices are warning about the risks posed by the global pandemic-induced lockdown to the economy and stock markets. Earlier this week, Federal Reserve officials including its chair Jerome Powell warned that the virus outbreak and shutdown of the U.S. economy would result in an output decline of historic proportions in […]

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MACROSCOPE No. 31: Striking a balance between offense and defense

Times like the present underscore the importance of holding an investment portfolio that strikes a balance between offense and defense, much like the best teams in any sport. In investment parlance, that means holding a portfolio mix of stocks and securities that will do well in a strong economy while mitigating some of the downside […]

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MACROSCOPE: May marks inflection month for markets

Global equities have posted a robust recovery this month, to the universal relief of investors everywhere. The TSX Composite’s 32.5% surge from its March 23 low (as of close on April 28) has enabled it to claw back just over one-half of its 38% plunge from its February 20 peak, while the S&P 500’s 30.6% […]

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